Free Software



  • HyTN Consistency-Checking Tool. This tool allows to check whether an Hyper Temporal Network is consistent or not and to compute feasible schedulings and negative cycles certificates. This is a Proof of Concept code used to conduct experiments for the TIME2014’s paper. Download: HyTNCCT
  • LKL is a userspace keylogger that runs under Linux on the x86 arch. LKL logs every keystroke that passes through the hardware keyboard port (i.e. 0x60). It translates keycodes to ASCII with a keymap file. Developed around 2003-2004, >140k downloads on sourceforge. Download: lkl
  • Kmemguard. KmemGuard protects and eventually repairs the Linux’s syscalltable using /dev/kmem. This is a proof of concept code. Download: kmemguard.c


  • Linux Kernel [Connector], Fix doc’s test module, 2005-11-08, Linux 2.6.15, link.
  • Linux Kernel [Orinoco Driver], an old patch for the orinoco driver, kernel 2.6.1, 2004-01-05, this was written to enable the monitor-mode on old Orinoco WiFi PCMCIA cards, link
  • Chaogic’s vHost, vers 3.05r3, Fixed broken “pw useradd/usermod/groupadd/groupmod” commands on FreeBSD installations, Aug 16-2003, link.

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