Free Software



  • Energy Games Solver 2017. This tool allows to solve the Minimum Credit Problem in Energy Games. It implements both the Value Iteration Algorithm of Brim et al., as well as the Keep Alive Strategy Improvement Algorithm of Brim and Chaloupka. Download: EGS-v0.1.
  • HyTN Consistency-Checking Tool 2014. This tool allows to check whether an Hyper Temporal Network is consistent or not and to compute feasible schedulings and negative cycles certificates. This is a Proof of Concept code used to conduct experiments for the TIME2014’s paper. Download: HyTNCCT
  • LKL is a userspace keylogger that runs under Linux on the x86 arch. LKL logs every keystroke that passes through the hardware keyboard port (i.e. 0x60). It translates keycodes to ASCII with a keymap file. Developed around 2003-2004, >140k downloads on sourceforge. Download: lkl
  • Kmemguard. KmemGuard protects and eventually repairs the Linux’s syscalltable using /dev/kmem. This is a proof of concept code. Download: kmemguard.c


  • Linux Kernel [Connector], Fix doc’s test module, 2005-11-08, Linux 2.6.15, link.
  • Linux Kernel [Orinoco Driver], an old patch for the orinoco driver, kernel 2.6.1, 2004-01-05, this was written to enable the monitor-mode on old Orinoco WiFi PCMCIA cards, link
  • Chaogic’s vHost, vers 3.05r3, Fixed broken “pw useradd/usermod/groupadd/groupmod” commands on FreeBSD installations, Aug 16-2003, link.

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