The end of TIME…

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TIME2014 ended on wednesday.

Our paper on Hyper Temporal Networks can be found here:
article presentation handout

Simple Temporal Networks (STNs) are used in
many applications, as they provide a powerful and general tool
for representing conjunctions of maximum delay constraints
over ordered pairs of temporal variables. We introduce Hyper
Temporal Networks (HyTNs), a strict generalization of STNs,
to overcome the limitation of considering only conjunctions of
constraints. In a Hyper Temporal Network a single temporal
constraint may be defined as a set of two or more maximum delay
constraints which is satisfied when at least one of these delay
constraints is satisfied. As in STNs, a HyTN is consistent when
a real value can be assigned to each temporal variable satisfying
all the constraints. We show the computational complexity for
this generalization and propose effective reduction algorithms for
checking consistency of HyTNs unveiling the link with the field of
Mean Payoff Games. HyTNs are meant as a light generalization
of STNs offering an interesting compromise. On one side, as we
show, there exist practical pseudo-polynomial time algorithms
for checking consistency and computing feasible schedules for
HyTNs. On the other side, HyTNs allow to express natural
constraints that cannot be expressed by STNs like “trigger off
an event exactly δ min after the occurrence of the last event in
a set”.